Dentist in City of London and high quality dental crowns

Dental clinic in City of London and top quality tooth whitening: Removing staining on enamel (the outer part of the tooth) is called “extrinsic whitening.” The stains left behind by smoking or drinking red wine, tea, or coffee are usually easily removed with a polish by your hygienist at a teeth cleaning or with polishing and whitening toothpaste. When you remove stains, you’re simply exposing the color of the dentin by clearing enamel of stains. This can make teeth appear whiter, but it doesn’t physically change tooth color.

In the heart of the city we have some of the highest rates of bruxism in the UK. Bruxism is a habit that can involve one of or a combination of jaw clenching and teeth grinding. It can happen to both adults and children, although it is most common in adults between 25-44 years old. Most people will grind or clench their teeth at some point during their life time. Bruxism is any type of teeth grinding or jaw clenching and is completely unrelated to normal functions such as eating and talking. If you are a jaw clencher you are more likely to do so during the day, usually as a reaction to stress. If you instead are a teeth grinder it is usually a habit carried out during the night and you might well get to know about it first from a sleep-deprived spouse or partner complaining of the grinding noises during the night. But please note that it can also be silent, leaving you completely unaware of this bad habit. Discover extra information at Bruxism treatment Liverpool Street, London.

We are so proud to announce that on May 17th at The Dental Awards 2019 we were awarded Dental Team of the Year South & National Dental Team of the Year. The Dental Awards is the industry’s longest-running and most prestigious award event. This year marked the 20th anniversary of the awards, which each year attracts numerous entries from those working in dentistry. Running alongside the Dentistry Show, each category is judged by an expert panel of judges.

Maybe you worry about smiling because you think it makes your wrinkles more pronounced. The natural signs of ageing and the effects of harsh weather conditions, sun damage, smoking, “over expression” and stress can all make you feel jaded. At Bishopsgate Dental Care, we offer a range of facial treatments that could help you to combat “the tired look” and start smiling with confidence again. They range from wrinkle reduction injections to facial slimming, from lip plumping to nose recontouring and non-surgical face lifts. See additional information at Facial rejuvenation in City of London.

Teeth whitening guide. Do you want to have healthy teeth and gums? Here are a few tips: Eat More Foods That Contain Malic Acid: Fruits like apples, pears and strawberries are malic acid rich and can actually help with whitening teeth. Eating more of these foods will help naturally whiten teeth. Those are just but a few tips that you can hack when it comes to whitening your teeth at home. However, the best way to whiten your teeth naturally, though it may not be the most convenient, is to simply brush your teeth with an appropriate toothpaste after eating or drinking something. As long as you’re consistent, you will see vast improvements. One simple strategy can help maintain white teeth: brush. Brush at least twice daily. Even better, brush after every meal and snack. Brushing helps prevent stains and yellow teeth, especially at the gum line. Both electric and sonic toothbrushes may be superior to traditional toothbrushes in removing plaque and surface stains on teeth. Also, don’t forget to floss and use an antiseptic mouthwash daily.