Fish size Sebra

This fish is characterized by its elongated shape, similar to that of the Tetra Fish and has stripes of blue color, for which, it is given the name of zebra. The females are silver in the background and the males are golden. The ventral part is pink and white. It has a single dorsal fin, its mouth is tilted upwards and its eyes are in the center.

It has no teeth, no stomach and is fed by the gills.

The female is larger than the male.


It is very small and measures 3 to 5 centimeters long and one centimeter wide.


It is quite sociable and peaceful. It forms groups of other fish, and coexists very well with other species of its same genus. It is a diurnal fish and is quite active. It is usually a little territorial, it likes to stay close to spawning and monopolizes food.

It is worth mentioning that they perform spectacular group swimming in a harmonious way, without crashing into each other. In addition, they have a great visual and olfactory sense that allows them to perceive if a predator is approaching.

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The zebrafish named scientist Danio rerio. Known as Zebra or also Zebrafish or Banderita. It is popular in most aquariums for its attractiveness, it is also used in laboratories for scientific research.

Its name originates in the Southeast of the Asian continent and has an elongated body, it has a dorsal fin and the mouth is in an upward direction. This is very common to find in aquariums and it develops very well in captivity.


This is known for the bright colors it has, since from the nose to its adipose fin the color is blue. While the posterior zone is bright red to its caudal fin. Something distinctive of the neon zebra is that its body is spindle-shaped and the nose is rounded, in addition, they are very small, approximately reach an inch and a half in length.


It originates from the tropical rivers of Bangladesh and India, reaches approximately 3 centimeters and has dark blue and silver horizontal lines on the body.

Zebrafish model