The Facts About Shrih SH-0062 Battery With Flashlight 6000 Mah Power Bank

Among the all-important mobile accessories, power bank is the one to rescue several users from panic.

When your smartphone becomes about to die due to its battery drained out, you surely feel restless for getting disconnected from others.

A quality power bank of maximum storage capacity resolves the issue in no time. Check out best selling power banks price.

Here you can check Shrih SH-0062 Battery with Flashlight 6000mAh Power Bank (Green, Lithium-ion) as the best option for your acute needs.

Good about Shrih SH-0062 Battery With Flashlight 6000 Mah Power Bank(Green, Lithium-Ion)

  • This power bank comes with the charging capacity of 6000mAh to supply substantial power to the exhausted battery of your device.
  • This portable device has a high-quality LED flashlight to suit many additional needs in absolute darkness.
  • Its standard quality Lithium-ion battery offers long-lasting performance and efficient workability to charge your device quickly as well.
  • It features a classy outlook and striking design in green color with ABS material.
  • This power pack is extremely compatible with assorted digital devices such as smartphones, tablets, MP3/MP4 players, GPS etc.
  • It assures utmost protection against common charging issues like overcharging, excessive current, over discharging and short circuit.

Bad about Shrih SH-0062 Battery With Flashlight 6000 Mah Power Bank(Green, Lithium-Ion)

  • The power bank consists of only one USB output port, not being able to charge multiple gadgets at all.


Apart from the beneficial and exclusive features mentioned above, this power device comes with 5 LED lights to indicate the power availability for absolute user convenience.

It holds the domestic warranty of 1 year. This portable external charger can be a perfect travel accessory of any digital device user.

You can also keep it within your official bag to carry everywhere because of its compact design and lightweight facility.

It comes at a very pocket-friendly price to allow you to purchase it anytime based on your desire.

Now this power bank is widely available at various online stores like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, eBay etc.