Weight Loss advice with Doctor Fit Health

There are plenty of nutrition and weight loss advice websites but not many are run by real doctors.

DoctorFitHealth.com offers you the latest news and the essentials of nutrition validated by doctors, backed by science and illustrated through inspiring personal stories. DoctorFitHealth’s mentors share their knowledge and expertise and help guide you along in your fitness and nutrition journey, but also giving you, for example, healthy breakfast ideas , like no thing is to small to take in to account and stay fit..

BENGEBARA Omar (Dr. Ben) is the Senior Medical Director of DoctorFitHealth.

As an MD working in the ER, he offers us unique expertise in health-related subjects.

He is always eager to provide a different view of the medical field, thanks to his experience as an emergency doctor, by sharing his goals, vision and his daily challenges while treating, advising or operating his patients.

He writes or reviews content on DoctorFitHealth, ensuring its accuracy and relevancy along with other collaborators.

Besides being a board-certified Emergency Doctor, his very atypical work environment and the full range and types of patients, he consults every day allows him to do what he loves.

He shares his passion for medicine with you medically (physiological and pathological phenomenon), psychologically and socially. As an M.D. in the E.R., he faces stress and emotion management every day with his patients their families.

Dr. Ben also loves community work. As a member of AIESEC and IFMSA, he is a strong advocate for children’s rights, including the right of access to care and the right to education, especially in developing countries.

He also took part in many medical caravans for people in remote areas where medical care is inaccessible.

Apart from the medical side, Dr. Ben used to be a tennis coach as well as a fitness activist and a travel fan.

He firmly believes that a healthy lifestyle is the pillar of wellness (physical and mental health). He is convinced that conveying this idea to his patients on a daily basis will be much more beneficial to them than just treating their medical issues.

On the website you will find plenty of diet tips and articles, the latest is : 12 Quick Healthy Low Carb Breakfast Ideas .

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